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Injection moulding is a craft that requires extensive experience and sound expertise. These qualities in particular are among our main strengths. We are thus happy to become involved in projects as early as possible. This allows us to make recommendations for a cost-effective production as well as meeting the technical requirements.


What makes us at Kjellbergs Plast unique is that we have combined injection moulding and the integration of electronics in the same location. This means that we can be extremely flexible and offer short lead times to our customers. In this regard it is also a major benefit that we have several of our subcontractors in close proximity.


We are producing more than 500 different plastic parts annually. As a plastic moulding company, we are a typical low volume, high mix producer. In addition to the plastic moulding, we can provide other value add services as; casing of other electronics, assembly, marking and or packaging of complete end customer products.


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